Hustling with Heart

One year ago, two things happened that totally changed my life: I graduated from the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and I launched Soul Connect. I am honored to be featured with my soul sister Christine Barnes in the 50th edition of the inspired COACH Magazine out today. It’s surreal to read the words we wrote together and reflect back on a year of hustling with heart.

This year was one of great transformation. Right now it's like this:

  • I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by an amazing support system. 
  • I am immensely honored to hold space for clients  + a Tribe who are constantly inspiring me.
  • I am celebrating my journey as I reflect on all the phases and heart work that has gone into getting to where I am today.
  • I am privileged to be able to look out a landscape I have yet to trek and feeling really ready to get moving.

In the last year I have unraveled, transformed and deepened my soul connection. I have connected with some of the most incredible humans. I have fallen and failed, but always forward.  I have seen the magic that lies in stepping into your power and allowing your soul to lead the way.  I can only imagine what 2018 will bring. But one thing I am sure it will have are more opportunities to share what soul connection is all about and how we can all achieve it, together.

Cheers to the heart work! 

To download your FREE copy of the 50th edition of the inspired COACH Magazine, click the button below.  And to YOU my friend, thank you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for sharing your soul. Thank you for supporting Soul Connect! 

I will be MYSELF

Today I had the opportunity to represent Soul Connect at the Empower U event-an intersectional feminist empowerment + celebration event. It was an all day event that offered a local makers market, music, art, and panels. Soul Connect sponsored the Reflection + Connection room where people could come in, reflect, journal and connect.

At one point, the daughter of one of the speakers joined me in the room. I sat with this 6 year old who wanted to fill out a self love manifesto that I was offering to attendees. I was the scribe while she told me her answers. When I asked her to complete the sentence: I will be... she proclaimed without hesitation “myself!”

When did we lose that immediate, instinctual and confident response? How did we forget that our main job description is to be ourselves? This fierce little lady reminded me how important this work is. Soul Connection is how we come back home to ourselves. Back to that innate authenticity that makes us whole yet always evolving. Connected to the point that when we are ask ourselves who will I be, we exclaim MYSELF

Nothing lights me up more than being able to live my mission out loud. I feel honored to be a part of this event today and grateful I have the ability and choice to represent my business at events that are promoting my values and beliefs. If intersectional feminism or intersectionality is a new term for you, I encourage you to learn more by clicking the button below to hear from the originator Kimberle Crenshaw.  (Trigger warning: this powerful talk does include discussion and images of violence against women and violence against people of color). I was introduced to this work and the importance of really understanding where this originated in a Coaching As Activism Community Study with Andrea Ranae that I am participating in. So much learning and unlearning in this course and so grateful for the space and opportunity to do this work. 

Scare Your Soul

What is the first thing to go when you feel disconnected from yourself?  

Asking for a friend, and that friend is me. 

For me, I try to convince myself that I can handle it all and then things start to pile up and unravel. I end up with 34 post it notes scattered across my desk and unreadable reminders on my phone that I cannot decode. And I start to get that brain fog despite my mind going a mile a minute. I feel disconnected from myself. Sound familiar? 

We all go in these waves throughout the year when we are on our game and then begin to feel some separation from who we are whether it is due to fear, distraction or the hustle (the constant state of busy, not the dance).  I am hard pressed to believe anyone can say they don't experience these periods of disconnection because if they don't then A) they are lying to you (and themselves) and B) then they are not human. 

Allow me to clear the air on something: as humans, it's okay to not do it all, have it all or be it all. No one has their shit together. No one knows what they are doing all the time.  No one is crushing it 24/7 despite what the squares on Insta may project. But the collective {we} have concocted these notions that this is all possible and on top of that, have convinced ourselves that everyone is achieving these ridiculously high standards of living.  

Enter fear, doubt, perfectionism, anxiety, stress, etc. {Side note: My girl Christine Barnes serves up doses of real talk on this very subject + reminds me daily of the every day acts of unconventional courage-check her out.}

It's just not possible. And deep down we know that right- so, then why do we keep believing it? I emphasize we because I'm looking at myself here too. 

Real talk: exactly one year ago I launched Soul Connect. In January 2017 I officially went live with this coaching + connection movement and have hit the ground running without stopping. Because I seriously love this work. Like, really love it. Can't stop thinking about it, I am constantly creating and I just want to do it all, right now.  For so long I was feeling unsettled in my life.  And during those years (still at it btw) I dedicated so much time and energy to my own soul connection which led me to uncover my purpose and lead me to where I am today. So you can see why I am all in, all the time. 

Fast forward to now and well, I am feeling the burn.  I am not burned out by my work with Soul Connect. I adore my clients and this Tribe and I am so unbelievably grateful for all that has unfolded this year. The burn I am feeling is the one that comes with bending boundaries, not slowing down, and not giving myself space to recharge completely. I feel like I plugged myself into the charger to get that little bit off battery boost then unplugged and used up all the power but I haven't been patient enough to fully charge to 100%. You feel me?

This summer I took a weekend away for a little solo retreat. It was exactly what I needed and loved every second of being on the lake. However there is one thing I wasn't so good at: I didn't fully disconnect from technology. I still had my phone and computer and although I definitely took time away from it, I was still connected to it each day.  So when I returned home, I felt great but not completely recharged. 

Fast forward to now: When I was approached to be a new Scare Your Soul Ambassador for this year's challenge, I found myself debating on what action I was going to take to bust out of my comfort zone.   Truthfully at first I tried to come up with all these real cool ways I could face my fears but I quickly realized that the one thing I kept coming back to was going screen free.  I tried talking myself out of it saying that was so #firstworldproblems and that it wasn't "big enough" or "impressive enough".  But then I realized, that was my fear talking. So I committed to taking a weekend off completely from the screens. 

How is this out of my comfort zone?  

Because I have become hyper aware of how much my phone has been in my hands this year.  I love me some Instagram-like, to the point I want to write them a thank you note for creating the platform because I have met somany INCREDIBLE people.  I love being able to connect with you through the squares and how together we can redefine how social media can be with one unfiltered and real talk post at a time.  Despite the incredible things my devices are able to do for me in all areas of my life, I have come to rely on them way too much.

But what I have also noticed are the realities of being a new solopreneur (especially the realities of also is working a full time gig to make my purpose driven gig a reality). That reality is that the screens are my life line.  It's how I communicate, create, connect and serve.  So with that being said, what I realized I have to do is set my screens aside and get real about setting clear boundaries around how I use them.  And for me, that is scary because fear trolls in with that old story of perfectionism and FOMO. By choosing this as my challenge, I am opting for courage and dousing that fear with a hella amount of self love. I need to give my mind, eyes and soul a break and reignite some boundaries.  


I want to be able to show up fully charged for YOU.  And I want to be sure that as much as I talk about connecting to one another, we remember to first focus on the connection we have with ourselves.  My challenge choice to disconnect is really so that I can fully reconnect with my soul.  I want to be at the green light 100% fully charged with a clear head and open heart ready to serve you and the world with my soul.  

Because I foresee some detox screen sweats, I plan on giving my phone/laptop to a family member to hold so I don’t get tempted.  I give myself permission to wake up with the sun, put pen to paper, spend as much time outside as possible, keep my nose in a book. Ready to stretch my comfort zone and embrace the offline living!

In order to celebrate these small steps of reconnection, I am hosting a {free} local Sunday Soul Session for anyone who wants to get off the screen and into the green for a special coaching + connection nature hike. Join me on Sunday October 29th at 11am at the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation.  We will be breathing in some fresh fall air, making eye contact and diving into facing fears with courage and I even have surprise up my sleeve for anyone who joins!

Social media are great for developing community, but for true belonging, real connection and real empathy require meeting real people in real space and real time
— Brene Brown, Braving the Wilderness

And for all my soul sisters local and beyond, I challenge you to join me in this challenge. Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “Do one thing a day that scares you.”  On three days in October, we all get to do just that. People from around the world will be participating in this free, self-generated exercise in small moments of courage. You can join me in this FREE Scare Your Soul challenge the last weekend of October by simply signing up below and committing to going out of your comfort zone-whatever that means to you. If you find yourself comparing or minimizing let me remind you that your fear isn't real but your feelings are and whatever it is, nothing is too small to throw courage at. You do YOU. I'll be right there with you.  Just call me on my land line.

Feel ALL the Feels

If you know me or you’re new here (welcome BTW) there's something you should know:  I’m a big believer in keeping it real and owning my humanness. I know I could easily post and share only the glossy versions of life that hit that too good for a filer status. I am so not perfect at this as I love a good filter, but I actively choose to keep it real. Because real is all I got.

I believe that in order to be soul connected (aka live authentically) you have to embrace the entirety of who you are. The light, the dark, the messy and the beautiful. It’s about loving yourself and showing up fully YOU-which includes your spectrum of emotions, your story and your flawesomeness. I believe our experiences and the chips along our edge are what makes us unique and beautiful, not broken.

That’s worth repeating: you are not broken.

So for the sake of keeping it real, I gotta say, this week has been heavy AF. In order to honor the heavy I’ve been giving myself permission to feel all the feels. And not just allow them to be present but to feel them without judgment. In the past, when shadowy feelings would arise, I was quick to numb or cover them up out of fear: fear of being wrong, fear of being too much, fear of being broken. 

Practicing being aware and honoring myself, I’ve been taking space away from situations and people who are not serving my soul.

And that can be hella hard.

And also so liberating.

But here’s the thing with taking this kind of self love infused action: you’re going to make people feel uncomfortable.

Because somewhere along our human history we convinced ourselves that there are good emotions and bad emotions rather than just emotions. And then through that evolution we created these beliefs that when we are feeling sad, angry, anxious (aka our shadows)- we need to either 1) deny 2) don’t talk about it or 3) cover it up.  Oh sweet humanity, how we forget that we don't have to make it that hard and that feeling is part of our human experience!

But what is critical to remember is this: it’s not your problem to make those people feel better.

We all have our own response-ability when it comes to our wide range of emotions. And in any given day, we are going to feel a lot of different feelings. Because that's how we humans roll!  We are allowed to feel those feelings when they arise and for however long we need to feel them.

{Disclaimer: I am discussing this in the context of acknowledging and honoring our everyday feelings. I want to be clear that this isn't pertaining to trauma or feeling so deeply that it may manifest into an unhealthy or unsafe pattern}

Let me offer an example: This week my sweet dog unexpectedly became sick and had to be put down on the same day of the Las Vegas mass shooting and the anniversary of my aunt's death. Holy emotions! Needless to say, it's been a week. I was feeling a lot of feelings and knew that in order to feel and heal, I needed space to process, reflect and heal.

During a conversation the day after, a person I know noticed by choice of taking space and when she interacted with me, it was clear she was uncomfortable with my status.  In this moment, rather than apologizing for her apparent discomfort, I activated my response ability and declared my need for space and self care.  I wasn't rude or disrespectful, I just clearly stated this non-negotiable and then chose to leave the situation.

I can’t control how others feel and neither can you. I know what it's like to get consumed with wanting to make sure others are feeling okay that I lose sight of my own feelings and thus neglect my self care.  This is how I spent years giving my power away until I felt like I had none left.   When we are on this path of soul connection, people are going to notice our shifts. And as we continue to evolve and show up authentically, we are going to make people feel uncomfortable.

And that's okay. 

Because the truth is, you don't need their approval. You don't need to please everyone. You don't need their permission.  You don't need them to feel good about you.  All you need is within you.  Choosing yourself and doing you is not selfish, it is a radical act of self love.  This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.
— Rudy Francisco

When you find yourself feeling the shadows, remember to ask yourself this: what do I really need right now?  And then activate your personal power by choosing to get your needs met.  

Feeling all the feels is one of the most vulnerable and courageously human things we can do.  When we feel it and heal it, we are set free from the attachment and are able to create space to expand in our own soul connect evolution.

Feel all the feels, babe. Your truth will set you free.

A public apology to the woman I judged at the gym...

Dear Woman on Treadmill #4, 

I saw you get on the treadmill this morning. You were quiet (I mean it was 5:30am) but got right to work, doing your own thing. You were in a zone and not bothering anyone.  I don't know why I became so consumed with how you showed up this morning, but I did and I am sorry. 

As the class started, you began running and I couldn't help but notice that you were going at a slower pace than the rest of the people around you. My subtle awareness took a turn and I began to recognize that in the drills you were almost a step behind everyone else.  They were all out running you.   

And in this awareness of your performance, I admittedly began to judge you.  

I am not proud of it. 

It is not easy for me to own these feelings let alone share them in this way. 

But for the sake of transparency and walking my talk, I felt called to formally and publicly apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness.

And sadly, it didn't stop there.  

I saw your face get red and your breathing grew heavy.  I began to think, "wow, she must be really out of shape", yet I know I have seen you here working out every week.  I began to judge the grimace on your face as you focused on the workout. And as I continued to move about the class, I am embarrassed to say my judgments got worse. 

I found myself questioning what you are doing here. When we moved to the weight workout, I caught glimpses of how your belly rolled over your yoga pants during the crunches.  I was surprised by the breaks you took during the burpees. I noticed your arms shake during the plank holds. I tried to turn away and focus on the workout and not on your presence but my thoughts got away from me and I clearly became fixated. 

I feel awful, embarrassed and most of all truly sorry.  

Because when I saw you leave at the end of the session, you were tired but you made it. You didn't crumble or cry, you walked out and went on with your day.  You looked strong and had purpose.  And in that moment, I realized that I spent my entire workout passing judgment on you rather than focusing on your strengths.  

So dear girl on treadmill #4, I am so sorry.

I am sorry for thinking you had to be like the rest of the women in the class.

I am sorry for mistaking your slower pace for lack of determination. 

I am sorry I was so quick to look at your body as a thing to judge and compare rather than celebrate.

I honestly haven't passed this kind of judgment in a while. But I do know why I found myself in this spiral of judgment towards you. In hindsight, I realize it is because for some reason an old story of mine was triggered and I took it out on you. And I think we both know how old fears can sometimes be sneaky and find a way back into our lives. Even though I have done so much heart work, sometimes our human shows and old wounds are triggered and that fear resurfaces.

I don't have any excuses.

All I can say is that fear got the best of me today and caused me to show a dark side of myself. But this experience served as an important reminder for me: that doing the work to live soul connected doesn't mean I am going to achieve perfection or enlightenment.  It's in the shadows of my fear where I am tested to flex my courage and ignite my personal power to shift.  With the commitment of living aligned with my soul comes great response-ability. And what I have found is that it is in these moments of darkness is where my soul strength is rekindled. 

Because it doesn't matter how you look, it's about how you feel. It's about showing up and doing what's best for YOU, nobody else. It's about being able feel all your feelings, no matter what rises and truly feel it without judgment. That is when we can activate our choice to shift from fear to love.  

The kind of love that I am offering you right now.  

Love that looks like honesty, forgiveness and beginning again.  

For in these moments of fear, I am able to see just how resilient I am.

You know the stories that created a fort around my power and took hostage of my light for so many years.  In the past, this experience would have sent me into fear cruise control all day. However, when you stared back it me today in the mirror, it's clear just how much dedicated time and work has gone into healing and resurrecting from those stories.  Yet when these judgments appeared, the woman staring back at me wasn't the same as the girl from the past.  Although fear may creep up in unexpected ways, who I saw staring back at me is a strong, powerful woman who isn't defined by her speed or rep count.  She is in hot pursuit of showing up authentically and loving herself unconditionally. 


She is ready to rise above any fear that comes her way for she knows that she is worthy of a life bigger than her fears.  

She knows she is not meant to play small but rather spread her light farther and wider than she can see. 

She knows because SHE is ME, I am YOU. 

So strong soul, I am sorry for getting caught up in judgment today but I love you and I am celebrating ALL of you. 

With so much love, 

The Woman on Treadmill #4


Visions, Goals, Values

Real Talk: How do you want to FEEL?

Setting goals isn't always about doing the THING, it's about how the thing makes you FEEL.  When you set goals with SOUL you are prioritizing your desired feeling rather than the action or accomplishment. Buh bye shoulds, woulds, coulds.

Getting clear on how you want to feel is your fiercest form of clarity. Often the first step to accessing clarity is to get clear on what you WANT and what you DON'T WANT.  Intentionally going after those feelings is the most creative, boldest and important work you can do in your life.  Intention + inspired action = SOUL CONNECTION.

VALUES are the driving force behind why you do what you do.  When you get clear on what you want (i.e. what you value), then you can start to set visions, goals and intentions each day that are aligned with your values.  And when you live in alignment with your values, you begin to shift into your power, thus creating a life you love. How cool is that???

Your core values are what connect you to your why.  Your values are the driving force in which directs you along your journey.  Living life guided by your core values can help you create a life full of curiosity, joy + magic.

So you have your values, now it's time to start looking at how you can integrate your values into your life.  Let's get back to that burning question, {how do you want to feel?} This question maybe about navigating your way through a block, inching yourself closer to living a value, or choosing courage over comfort.

GOALS are the areas of focus generated by your values in which you want to pair with inspired action in order to come alive to possibility.  Your goals can be short term or visionary.  Whatever they may be, make sure it is fueled by the desired feeling and worded in a way that lights you up so that you can't help but go after it.

Whatever it may be, the words we use to craft our goals are incredibly powerful so that we are inspired each day to show up + achieve them.  But there is one catch, you got to be you, do you, for YOU.  This isn't your practice life, this is your show up and be unapologetically YOU life. 

So, what's it going to be?

Let's talk about your light... Your light is your essence, your energy, your unique shine you behold unlike any other person in the Universe.  {This is your onlyness}  So often we dim our light because we are afraid of what might happen if we let our guards down, shed the facade and be our true self. Other times we give our power away to others in our lives and thus lose our shine. 

By connecting with your values and tapping into your light, you begin to see shifts that lead you to stepping into your power.  That power is your emotional courage, your brave heart showing up and owning it.  It is tapping into the gifts you have (and oh friend, you have AMAZING gifts) and sharing them with the world.  Everything you need is already inside of you, waiting to come alive.  

So go forth and be bravely YOU.

There is still time to snag my special Virgo season coaching discount. That is 33% of ALL of the coaching packages I offer.  In soul coaching, we delve into this process to help you gain clarity on what it is you want and how you want to feel in order to start showing up authentically and courageously in your life.  Beautiful things start to happen when we get clear on how you want to feel and start living from that light within.

Why I don't set goals any more...

Every year on my birthday I had a tradition: I would sit with a new, crisp journal and some colorful pens and start making a list of all the goals I wanted to achieve in the following year.  My birthday was like my new year's so instead of resolving, I was goal digging.  And because I am a Virgo, there's nothing I loved more than brand new school supplies and being an overachiever. 

Like clock work, each day on my birthday I would make this list.  The items on the list ranged from starting a yoga practice to reading a new book every month to getting a new job.  Most of the times I would be energetic and begin to achieve some of these goals in the first 6 months, but then analysis paralysis would set in or I would quickly avoid with the next shiny object in my life. 

In 2010 I found myself feeling unsettled and unsure of what I was doing with my life. I had just graduated from a master's program the year before and some doubt began to settle in about whether or not I chose the right career path.  When my birthday rolled around, I decided to finally put a goal on the list that I had been dreaming about for most of my young life: I was going to run a full marathon.   

And in true Virgo style, I wasn't going to just run any marathon, I was going to run the New York City Marathon.   I was always one of those gals who ran but wouldn't dare call herself a runner in fear of people saying, "who you? no way lady!".  But in fairness, I had ran my fair share of 10k and half marathons and although I was scared shitless to go all the way, I felt like this is what I had to do to prove to myself that I could prove everyone wrong and more importantly, I could prove myself wrong.  Because 26.2 miles in the greatest city in the world is definitely how you prove to yourself that you are totally fine with all the looming life choices you made even though you feel really uncertain, right??

As I dragged myself out of bed every Sunday to do my long distance runs, I was met what felt like each week rain pouring from the heavens.  I would run straight down a long road near my house until I met the desired distance and then turn around and run back.  I didn't train with music because I knew it was going to be a mind game as I crept up in miles...and knowing my mind, I would totally shame myself out of this one.  During this training period leading up to the NYC Marathon, I read a few books related to running because as a Virgo, I needed all the info.  In one article, I read that if I smiled while I was running, I would trick my brain into thinking I was happy and having fun. 

Perfect! So off I went on my 10, 15 and 20 mile runs down a rain soaked street with a big hearty smile on my face. It was the true definition of 'fake it till ya make it".  But even though I looked super happy (and probably a little delirious) to the folks who passed me by, I started to ask myself: am I really enjoying this?  I pressed on because, I got this far and I was not going to quit, but that question was always following me with every step. 

As I geared up for my big trip, I had my family and friends each send me a song that I could use to create my marathon playlist (best idea ever BTW).  I headed to NYC and was greeted by my amazing family who supported and helped me raise all the money I needed to run this race. I chose a nonprofit near and dear to my heart-Broadway Impact that was at the time fighting for marriage equality in the US (we won, yay!).  My family sent me cards and messages and even bought a giant red pepper balloon so I could find them along the course.  


When race day finally came, my cousin helped me get to the ferry and off I went with thousands of other runners to the start of my six borough run.  I was really nervous but I also felt an incredible energy in the air as Frank Sinatra played on repeat. I did it. I was here. I am running a marathon!  I told myself I would walk every bridge (because short legs) and that I was just doing this for fun (remember to smile I said to myself).  

And you know what, I did have fun. Minus the small wall I hit on mile 24, I ran the streets of New York with a big smile on my face as the crowd (the streets are full like the Macy's Day Parade) cheered me on and gave me high gives. I danced with the Jamaican band in Queens and gave high fives to everyone along 5th avenue. I am actually doing this!

When I finally reached Central Park to cross the finish line, I was tired but really proud of myself for actually achieving a goal I never thought I could achieve. Tears rolled down my face as I literally leaped across the finish line and then someone caught me in a silver blanket as I made my way to find my family.  

I did it!!  I ran 26.2 miles and I didn't die.  I officially achieved a life long goal. 

As I headed back home to Cleveland and went about my life, the high of the run began to dwindle. I achieved this huge goal and I was proud of myself for what I accomplished but I didn't feel any different when it came to this unsettledness in my life.  What the hell???

When the following year rolled around and it was time to do my annual birthday goal list, I decided to chuck the journal. A few months prior I had found a book called The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. This book was a total game changer for me.  I realized every year I was so focused on the goal, I had totally lost sight of how I wanted to feel.  The Desire Map helped me get clear on how I want to feel in my life and then create goals that helped cultivate those feelings. 

Holy Wow.  When I looked back at my big marathon goal, how did I want to feel?  I was so focused on proving people and myself wrong, that this short stocky non-runner could actually achieve this momentous feat. I chose this goal for all the wrong reasons. I was chasing 26.2 of fear. I lost sight of the reality that I really wanted to run the marathon to feel strong, healthy and confident. 

After that book, I ditched my yearly goal list and started a new tradition of getting grounded in my core desire feelings.  I began creating goals with soul and found a new sense of joy in my life.  I was living soul connected.

As a Soul Coach, I help women get clear on how they want to FEEL in order to start creating inspired action to get them to where they want to be.  We challenge the fears and help unravel what is needed to come undone in order to awaken that authentic power within.  So if you're goal is to run a marathon, that is awesome!  But I am going to ask you WHY.  I want to dig deep and have you come alive to the reasons why you want to do what you do and see what we can uncover. Chances are, it is about more than a race. 

If you are curious about this new lens on goal setting, let's connect. You can hear from soul sisters here on how this type of goal setting transformed their lives.  This month I am offering a special discount on ALL my coaching packages until September 13th.  Why don't you join me this year during my birthday month in getting clear on how you want to feel and start taking steps forward in bringing about that feeling into every corner of your life. 

On Never Being Ready, Adventures and Virgo Season...

Happy September Soul Sisters! 


September is my favorite month of the year because it not only means the start of fall here in my little corner of the world (hello fall metaphors and everything apple!) but also because it is my birthday month.  September has always been the start of my new year where I reflect on the year before and get grounded in the year to come.  September is when I review my core values and see what is most aligned with my life right now. 

When I started my soul connect journey, I distinctly remember always waiting for the right time. That moment in which I would be handed a neatly folded notice from the Universe that would signify my permission to begin.  Lemme tell ya, I waited a LONG time and it never showed. You wanna know why?  

Because we will never be ready.

Fear has convinced us that we have to wait until everything is just right and then we will be ready. If fear had its way, it would have us waiting our whole lives until we are ready!  The truth is, we will never really be ready.  But what we can do is lean into love (and a whole lotta trust) in order to give ourselves permission to begin before we are "ready".  

This is exactly what I did. I finally got out of my own way and gave myself permission to just start. I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing but what I did know was that I could no longer play small. I realized that my desire to unravel the unsettledness I felt and see what I could do with the courage I cultivated outweighed the need to be ready. I knew that if I waited a second longer, I would be waiting my whole life.  And thank goddess I did because the moment I gave myself permission to begin was the moment I stepped into an adventure that has led me to this very moment. 

It all began with a permission slip to start before I am ready.  

I am gearing up for another adventure. This is a trip I have been waiting my whole life to take and finally this year once again was reminded, I will never be ready so I just booked that flight and the rest is history. I am headed to Ireland for a few weeks and this special trip once again signifies that friendly love tap from the Universe that I can overanalyze all I want (see above about being a Virgo) but all I need and all I have is trust.  So trust I will. 

Are you feeling an unsettledness? Are you craving to show up more in your life?  I am offering a special Virgo season discount on ALL of my coaching offers between now and September 13th (my bday!).  That is 33% off which I will leave you to think about why I chose that number. 

If you're curious about coaching and what its would be like to shift into your power, let's connect and get possible.  Remember, you're never going to be ready. It all starts with a permission slip and only you can write it. 

Let that Ish Go

Credit: Amy Turn Sharp

I always start our Tribe gatherings with a permission slip ritual. It's how we curate our space together in order for each heartbeat to be, feel or do whatever they need. It's our starting point for authentic connection 💕

When we gathered yesterday, without any prompts, each soul sister shared something they wanted to let go of. Conversations and "me too's" were shared about our individual + collective heaviness felt this month. And for that time together, we saw permission in action. Each of us laid down what was no longer serving us, even if it was just a few hours and just allowed ourselves to be present with each other, laughing + sharing and filling our cups back up.

It's not about faking it till you make it (more on this topic soon), masking it with a smile, good vibes only or just "being positive". All of these choices minimize or hide the truth. They send a message that our shadows need to be dimmed + denies our humanness to feel a spectrum of emotions. If we press pause and give ourselves space to feel all the feels, we can then activate our power to surrender what's not longer serving us and rise up.

So if you're like us and need to let something go today, let it first start with the letting go of the belief that you always have to have your shit together. Let it be that you let go of the need to appear happy all the time. Let go of the demands others are asking of you and rather make space for you to just be you. Let that shit go. Because human looks good on you

Soul Sister Spotlight: Anita Schisano

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Meet Anita Schisano!


Anita is a dear friend of mine that I connected with several years ago through our mutual love of yoga and personal development.  She was one of the original Tribe members when I started gatherings out of my house (and friend's houses who I repaid in hugs + wine) almost 2 years ago. Anita is a fierce soul sister who I am honored to have had by my side as she steadfastly supports me and the Soul Connect mission.

Let's connect with Anita as she shares how she stays soul connected!

I give myself permission to… begin again

How do you tend to your soul? Journaling ~ Using Sage to rid my surroundings of anything negative ~ Meditate.

How do you rebel against fear?  I don't...I give it some space, give it a little love and release it.

What does CONNECTION mean to you?  Ahh, connection means meeting people where they are, not where I expect them to be. That allows us to be genuine with one another instead of trying to meet unrealistic expectations. It's your soul, heart and mind breathing in unison.

What is your favorite quote right now that’s feeding your soul?   “She was on a
journey that required her to be fierce. She was up to the task.” {Unknown} 

Anita is a Cleveland heartbeat who is a lover, goal-digger and who aspires to inspire. Anita has the biggest heart and is a beautiful example of soul connection. You can connect with Anita on Facebook + Instagram

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