Visions, Goals, Values

Real Talk: How do you want to FEEL?

Setting goals isn't always about doing the THING, it's about how the thing makes you FEEL.  When you set goals with SOUL you are prioritizing your desired feeling rather than the action or accomplishment. Buh bye shoulds, woulds, coulds.

Getting clear on how you want to feel is your fiercest form of clarity. Often the first step to accessing clarity is to get clear on what you WANT and what you DON'T WANT.  Intentionally going after those feelings is the most creative, boldest and important work you can do in your life.  Intention + inspired action = SOUL CONNECTION.

VALUES are the driving force behind why you do what you do.  When you get clear on what you want (i.e. what you value), then you can start to set visions, goals and intentions each day that are aligned with your values.  And when you live in alignment with your values, you begin to shift into your power, thus creating a life you love. How cool is that???

Your core values are what connect you to your why.  Your values are the driving force in which directs you along your journey.  Living life guided by your core values can help you create a life full of curiosity, joy + magic.

So you have your values, now it's time to start looking at how you can integrate your values into your life.  Let's get back to that burning question, {how do you want to feel?} This question maybe about navigating your way through a block, inching yourself closer to living a value, or choosing courage over comfort.

GOALS are the areas of focus generated by your values in which you want to pair with inspired action in order to come alive to possibility.  Your goals can be short term or visionary.  Whatever they may be, make sure it is fueled by the desired feeling and worded in a way that lights you up so that you can't help but go after it.

Whatever it may be, the words we use to craft our goals are incredibly powerful so that we are inspired each day to show up + achieve them.  But there is one catch, you got to be you, do you, for YOU.  This isn't your practice life, this is your show up and be unapologetically YOU life. 

So, what's it going to be?

Let's talk about your light... Your light is your essence, your energy, your unique shine you behold unlike any other person in the Universe.  {This is your onlyness}  So often we dim our light because we are afraid of what might happen if we let our guards down, shed the facade and be our true self. Other times we give our power away to others in our lives and thus lose our shine. 

By connecting with your values and tapping into your light, you begin to see shifts that lead you to stepping into your power.  That power is your emotional courage, your brave heart showing up and owning it.  It is tapping into the gifts you have (and oh friend, you have AMAZING gifts) and sharing them with the world.  Everything you need is already inside of you, waiting to come alive.  

So go forth and be bravely YOU.

There is still time to snag my special Virgo season coaching discount. That is 33% of ALL of the coaching packages I offer.  In soul coaching, we delve into this process to help you gain clarity on what it is you want and how you want to feel in order to start showing up authentically and courageously in your life.  Beautiful things start to happen when we get clear on how you want to feel and start living from that light within.

Why I don't set goals any more...

Every year on my birthday I had a tradition: I would sit with a new, crisp journal and some colorful pens and start making a list of all the goals I wanted to achieve in the following year.  My birthday was like my new year's so instead of resolving, I was goal digging.  And because I am a Virgo, there's nothing I loved more than brand new school supplies and being an overachiever. 

Like clock work, each day on my birthday I would make this list.  The items on the list ranged from starting a yoga practice to reading a new book every month to getting a new job.  Most of the times I would be energetic and begin to achieve some of these goals in the first 6 months, but then analysis paralysis would set in or I would quickly avoid with the next shiny object in my life. 

In 2010 I found myself feeling unsettled and unsure of what I was doing with my life. I had just graduated from a master's program the year before and some doubt began to settle in about whether or not I chose the right career path.  When my birthday rolled around, I decided to finally put a goal on the list that I had been dreaming about for most of my young life: I was going to run a full marathon.   

And in true Virgo style, I wasn't going to just run any marathon, I was going to run the New York City Marathon.   I was always one of those gals who ran but wouldn't dare call herself a runner in fear of people saying, "who you? no way lady!".  But in fairness, I had ran my fair share of 10k and half marathons and although I was scared shitless to go all the way, I felt like this is what I had to do to prove to myself that I could prove everyone wrong and more importantly, I could prove myself wrong.  Because 26.2 miles in the greatest city in the world is definitely how you prove to yourself that you are totally fine with all the looming life choices you made even though you feel really uncertain, right??

As I dragged myself out of bed every Sunday to do my long distance runs, I was met what felt like each week rain pouring from the heavens.  I would run straight down a long road near my house until I met the desired distance and then turn around and run back.  I didn't train with music because I knew it was going to be a mind game as I crept up in miles...and knowing my mind, I would totally shame myself out of this one.  During this training period leading up to the NYC Marathon, I read a few books related to running because as a Virgo, I needed all the info.  In one article, I read that if I smiled while I was running, I would trick my brain into thinking I was happy and having fun. 

Perfect! So off I went on my 10, 15 and 20 mile runs down a rain soaked street with a big hearty smile on my face. It was the true definition of 'fake it till ya make it".  But even though I looked super happy (and probably a little delirious) to the folks who passed me by, I started to ask myself: am I really enjoying this?  I pressed on because, I got this far and I was not going to quit, but that question was always following me with every step. 

As I geared up for my big trip, I had my family and friends each send me a song that I could use to create my marathon playlist (best idea ever BTW).  I headed to NYC and was greeted by my amazing family who supported and helped me raise all the money I needed to run this race. I chose a nonprofit near and dear to my heart-Broadway Impact that was at the time fighting for marriage equality in the US (we won, yay!).  My family sent me cards and messages and even bought a giant red pepper balloon so I could find them along the course.  


When race day finally came, my cousin helped me get to the ferry and off I went with thousands of other runners to the start of my six borough run.  I was really nervous but I also felt an incredible energy in the air as Frank Sinatra played on repeat. I did it. I was here. I am running a marathon!  I told myself I would walk every bridge (because short legs) and that I was just doing this for fun (remember to smile I said to myself).  

And you know what, I did have fun. Minus the small wall I hit on mile 24, I ran the streets of New York with a big smile on my face as the crowd (the streets are full like the Macy's Day Parade) cheered me on and gave me high gives. I danced with the Jamaican band in Queens and gave high fives to everyone along 5th avenue. I am actually doing this!

When I finally reached Central Park to cross the finish line, I was tired but really proud of myself for actually achieving a goal I never thought I could achieve. Tears rolled down my face as I literally leaped across the finish line and then someone caught me in a silver blanket as I made my way to find my family.  

I did it!!  I ran 26.2 miles and I didn't die.  I officially achieved a life long goal. 

As I headed back home to Cleveland and went about my life, the high of the run began to dwindle. I achieved this huge goal and I was proud of myself for what I accomplished but I didn't feel any different when it came to this unsettledness in my life.  What the hell???

When the following year rolled around and it was time to do my annual birthday goal list, I decided to chuck the journal. A few months prior I had found a book called The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. This book was a total game changer for me.  I realized every year I was so focused on the goal, I had totally lost sight of how I wanted to feel.  The Desire Map helped me get clear on how I want to feel in my life and then create goals that helped cultivate those feelings. 

Holy Wow.  When I looked back at my big marathon goal, how did I want to feel?  I was so focused on proving people and myself wrong, that this short stocky non-runner could actually achieve this momentous feat. I chose this goal for all the wrong reasons. I was chasing 26.2 of fear. I lost sight of the reality that I really wanted to run the marathon to feel strong, healthy and confident. 

After that book, I ditched my yearly goal list and started a new tradition of getting grounded in my core desire feelings.  I began creating goals with soul and found a new sense of joy in my life.  I was living soul connected.

As a Soul Coach, I help women get clear on how they want to FEEL in order to start creating inspired action to get them to where they want to be.  We challenge the fears and help unravel what is needed to come undone in order to awaken that authentic power within.  So if you're goal is to run a marathon, that is awesome!  But I am going to ask you WHY.  I want to dig deep and have you come alive to the reasons why you want to do what you do and see what we can uncover. Chances are, it is about more than a race. 

If you are curious about this new lens on goal setting, let's connect. You can hear from soul sisters here on how this type of goal setting transformed their lives.  This month I am offering a special discount on ALL my coaching packages until September 13th.  Why don't you join me this year during my birthday month in getting clear on how you want to feel and start taking steps forward in bringing about that feeling into every corner of your life. 

On Never Being Ready, Adventures and Virgo Season...

Happy September Soul Sisters! 


September is my favorite month of the year because it not only means the start of fall here in my little corner of the world (hello fall metaphors and everything apple!) but also because it is my birthday month.  September has always been the start of my new year where I reflect on the year before and get grounded in the year to come.  September is when I review my core values and see what is most aligned with my life right now. 

When I started my soul connect journey, I distinctly remember always waiting for the right time. That moment in which I would be handed a neatly folded notice from the Universe that would signify my permission to begin.  Lemme tell ya, I waited a LONG time and it never showed. You wanna know why?  

Because we will never be ready.

Fear has convinced us that we have to wait until everything is just right and then we will be ready. If fear had its way, it would have us waiting our whole lives until we are ready!  The truth is, we will never really be ready.  But what we can do is lean into love (and a whole lotta trust) in order to give ourselves permission to begin before we are "ready".  

This is exactly what I did. I finally got out of my own way and gave myself permission to just start. I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing but what I did know was that I could no longer play small. I realized that my desire to unravel the unsettledness I felt and see what I could do with the courage I cultivated outweighed the need to be ready. I knew that if I waited a second longer, I would be waiting my whole life.  And thank goddess I did because the moment I gave myself permission to begin was the moment I stepped into an adventure that has led me to this very moment. 

It all began with a permission slip to start before I am ready.  

I am gearing up for another adventure. This is a trip I have been waiting my whole life to take and finally this year once again was reminded, I will never be ready so I just booked that flight and the rest is history. I am headed to Ireland for a few weeks and this special trip once again signifies that friendly love tap from the Universe that I can overanalyze all I want (see above about being a Virgo) but all I need and all I have is trust.  So trust I will. 

Are you feeling an unsettledness? Are you craving to show up more in your life?  I am offering a special Virgo season discount on ALL of my coaching offers between now and September 13th (my bday!).  That is 33% off which I will leave you to think about why I chose that number. 

If you're curious about coaching and what its would be like to shift into your power, let's connect and get possible.  Remember, you're never going to be ready. It all starts with a permission slip and only you can write it. 

Let that Ish Go

Credit: Amy Turn Sharp

I always start our Tribe gatherings with a permission slip ritual. It's how we curate our space together in order for each heartbeat to be, feel or do whatever they need. It's our starting point for authentic connection 💕

When we gathered yesterday, without any prompts, each soul sister shared something they wanted to let go of. Conversations and "me too's" were shared about our individual + collective heaviness felt this month. And for that time together, we saw permission in action. Each of us laid down what was no longer serving us, even if it was just a few hours and just allowed ourselves to be present with each other, laughing + sharing and filling our cups back up.

It's not about faking it till you make it (more on this topic soon), masking it with a smile, good vibes only or just "being positive". All of these choices minimize or hide the truth. They send a message that our shadows need to be dimmed + denies our humanness to feel a spectrum of emotions. If we press pause and give ourselves space to feel all the feels, we can then activate our power to surrender what's not longer serving us and rise up.

So if you're like us and need to let something go today, let it first start with the letting go of the belief that you always have to have your shit together. Let it be that you let go of the need to appear happy all the time. Let go of the demands others are asking of you and rather make space for you to just be you. Let that shit go. Because human looks good on you

Soul Sister Spotlight: Anita Schisano

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Meet Anita Schisano!


Anita is a dear friend of mine that I connected with several years ago through our mutual love of yoga and personal development.  She was one of the original Tribe members when I started gatherings out of my house (and friend's houses who I repaid in hugs + wine) almost 2 years ago. Anita is a fierce soul sister who I am honored to have had by my side as she steadfastly supports me and the Soul Connect mission.

Let's connect with Anita as she shares how she stays soul connected!

I give myself permission to… begin again

How do you tend to your soul? Journaling ~ Using Sage to rid my surroundings of anything negative ~ Meditate.

How do you rebel against fear?  I don't...I give it some space, give it a little love and release it.

What does CONNECTION mean to you?  Ahh, connection means meeting people where they are, not where I expect them to be. That allows us to be genuine with one another instead of trying to meet unrealistic expectations. It's your soul, heart and mind breathing in unison.

What is your favorite quote right now that’s feeding your soul?   “She was on a
journey that required her to be fierce. She was up to the task.” {Unknown} 

Anita is a Cleveland heartbeat who is a lover, goal-digger and who aspires to inspire. Anita has the biggest heart and is a beautiful example of soul connection. You can connect with Anita on Facebook + Instagram

Want to be featured in the Soul Sister Spotlight?

Ladder of Love

Beautiful artwork by soul sister Jane Buresh of Creating Sparks

Beautiful artwork by soul sister Jane Buresh of Creating Sparks

I used to think that boundaries were barricades I needed to create to protect me and shield my energy. I now see boundaries as a {ladder} There is a beginning and an end with steps for me to take in order to know where I stand.

Boundaries help me lay down what is not mine to carry and empowers me to ask for help when I need it (which ain't easy-anyone else struggle with this one 🙋🏽🙋🏾🙋🏻) Creating boundaries that support your soul is a radical act of self love. But holding boundaries is also an act of radical responsibility. It's about having an open heart AND a backbone.

This is why self love is the foundation of soul connection. It offers you the landing pad to come back to in order to care for your soul and show up with clarity + courage. I have felt my boundaries stretch this week...and that's okay. Today, I begin again and flex my self love muscle in order to practice self care and carve out space to recharge. I just pull that ladder up and carry on.

Again, it's all a practice. Be soft, be gentle, lead with heart and always do you

If you are curious about creating stronger boundaries centered in self love, I have 1:1 spots opening up. This is where it all begins.

Feeling over Fleeing

Losing my balance. Falling. Looking ridiculous. Being scared. Bathing suit. Falling. The unknown.  Questionable Lake Erie water.  Being bad at it. Falling. Looking weak. Failing. Chickening out. Did I mention falling??

This is the list of fears I said aloud to myself as I drove to my first paddle boarding lesson with ginny Walters of the She Collective this past weekend. I wanted to experience my own fear first hand of this new adventure before our upcoming collaborative event on August 27th.  Because honestly, I have never been paddle boarding. I have attempted surfing (attempted being the key word here). So nothing like the feeling of being a beginner again. 

I felt this surge of excitement, fear and caffeine gather up in my gut as I pulled into her dreamy lakeside home.  The first place I feel fear is in my body. It is the easiest indicator that fear is creeping and trying to take control. On this particular day, I felt it first in my gut. I noticed a dull ache in my belly that began to permeate up into my throat and settle into my jaw that ended up clenching tight. I immediately become aware of my physical reaction and relax into my breath.

ginny knows this is my first time on the board and she also knows I’m a bit leery.  And the reason she knows all of this is because she is an experienced stand up paddle board (SUP) and yoga teacher, but also because I told her.  I figured if we are going to be doing this, let’s just put it out there, right?  As ginny began her instruction of safety and the basics of paddle boarding, I felt a little bit more steady and began to loosen up a little. 

Then we got on the board.  

I stepped on the wobbly dock to kneel on the board and that fear jump right down my throat again and sent an “oh, sh*t” signal to my brain.  It was a lot less smooth than I anticipated. But c’mon Katie? What did you think this was going to be like?  TBH, I had somehow convinced myself that this wouldn't be so bad and I had visions of me gliding effortlessly across the lake.  As I tried to gain balance on the board, I became acutely aware that my muscles were tightening out of this fear reaction and that I just needed to breath and focus.  

I started to pay attention to the fear story running rampant in my head and took a moment and breathed, and chose to press onward. It was just for fun after all! As we began to paddle, my body adjusted to balancing on my knees on the board.  When ginny suggested I stand, I did it but wobbly and honestly, a lot more shaky than I anticipated. I felt my knees quiver, my leg muscles tighten and my gaze focused.  This was a lot harder than I thought!  What was more surprising was I realized I had also had a lot more fear than I anticipated.  Real talk:  I started to judge myself for being this shaky.

The thoughts that started to infiltrate my head weren't gentle or kind. They sounded more like an obnoxious high school bully trying to humiliate the "uncool" kid in the cafeteria.  I heard exclamations to the tune of "seriously, you're freaking out?" and "Of course you would fail at this, time to give up" and don't forget "who do you think you are?".  

Yea, pretty nasty huh?  

Now mind you, this whole epic dialogue in my head has been going on for a total of maybe five minutes. By this time we were nearing the opening where the boats head out to the lake. The water was a little choppy but in my head, fear made it out to feel like I was on the Poseidon Adventure.  ginny was so gentle, calm and encouraging this entire time as I awkwardly tried to navigate this board all while continuing to talk and focus on not falling.  She gave me options so I decided to kneel and paddle the rest of the way.  

Once we got to the lagoon, the water was still so I was able to sit and relax a little. ginny and I started talking about fear and I shared with her how I don’t subscribe to the notion that we need to be fearless. I believe that as humans living a human experience, fear is natural and therefore we need to except it as a part of our journey. However, we don’t need to accept it or allow it to control our lives.  

And to be clear, there are definitely different kinds of fear. The fear I am referring to is what some people refer to as the ego or inner critic in our heads that sounds like shame, guilt, perfectionism, doubt, etc.  When you feel fear creep up, your natural instinct may vary from feeling paralyzed to wanting to hide or flee. Fear can be a jerk but when you run or hide from it, it gains more power. When you pause to see it for what it is and then activate your courage, it opens you up to reigniting your power allowing you to free yourself from fear's grips. We don't have to eat up everything fear serves us.

ginny suggested we try some yoga poses on the boards and before I even thought about talking myself out of it, I just tried it. It felt sooo good to be able to go into child's pose and do a few rounds of cat-cows.  I realized how much fear had settled into my muscles and it felt healing to breath and move it out. And to my surprise, I could do it without falling!  But then I thought about that fear of falling-what was that?! So I fall (which I didn’t btw) I would just get back up right?  I wouldn't drown or hurt myself. It wouldn’t mean I failed or look like a ridiculous person. When we fall in life, most of the time the only person that really feels it the most is ourselves.  And fear does a great job at making it a bigger deal than it is.  

Kim, ginny + I after our paddle excursion.

I allowed myself to feel my fear on that lagoon and close my eyes and hear the waves, feel the warm water graze my legs and breathe deeply. I felt far more free on the paddle board and even stood up a bit as we made our way back to the dock.  

This experience reminded me that each of us is powerful beyond measure; but fear has a sneaky way of trying to convince us otherwise. This experience was something I always wanted to do but felt was way out of my comfort zone.  Why? Because fear crafted a story to tell me that I wouldn't be able to do it.  But I did do it and I stepped more directly into my own power by facing, feeling and freeing my fear.

We all have fear. And we are all trying to navigate our way through it on the daily as it creeps up in different disguises. Two sure fire ways to lessen fears power? Conversation + connection. I'll be diving into fear and how we can free ourselves from it more at our Paddle + Yoga event on Sunday, August 27th with ginny Walters of She Collective.  We only have a few spots left so if you are craving to try something new or face your fears in a safe, non-judgmental container of support to face, feel and free your fear, snag your spot using the button below. 

I forgot my mantra...

I chose to gift myself something special to start my yoga teacher training. I instantly connected with a @shopsankalpa amazonite necklace as it felt like a beautiful anchor to help me start this journey. Once it arrived, all week I had searched for the right words to create my intention {sankalpa} for my YTT journey that began on Friday. I kept getting stuck and second guessing myself because I wanted to so badly have the right words to express my readiness to stretch my soul.

When I walked into the studio Friday night, the words didn't come so I placed the crystal necklace in my journal. When I laid down and began to breathe in our first class, the prayer was {the time is now}. So I surrendered my striving, forgave myself and just let it be-knowing the right mantra would find me.

That evening the words came to me as if they were with me all along, I had only forgotten them. During the Saturday morning practice, the prayer was {to be open to possibilities}. I smiled the moment my teacher said it. I knew the Universe had my back. Today in our practice, I felt an unraveling. The prayer our teacher shared {I choose to be seen} sent a current through my veins. I shed sweat and tears and felt my soul awaken. Through each pose I embodied this belief and broke through any smallness left within me.

This weekend was the first of many with this powerful tribe and I couldn't be more honored to share this journey with each of them. As my teacher, Ylonda  @awaketomysoul emphasized, stepping into our power is our birthright. Showing up in our power is not arrogant and does not mean we are using it over others. It is about honoring and living from our soul. When we live from that soul connection, playing small is not an option.

Feeling aligned, grounded, open + really ready. But mostly just {extremely} grateful for these beautiful humans and this soul growing experience that has entered my life at just the right time.  I always had my mantra, I had just forgotten it. My moving out of my head, into my soul, it all came back to me.  My body maybe sore but my soul is stretched and ready to go. 

Current Status: Embracer of the Mess

How much effort are you putting into being yourself?

When I think back to the years I was consumed with doubt + striving for perfect, I can remember that it was a lot of work and frankly, super fucking exhausting. Yet I clinged tightly to the struggle because I was too afraid to see what would happened if I let go.

I remember distinctly the moment I began to shed the layers that covered my truth. I was 20, sitting on a balcony overlooking the Honolulu city scape with the blue shores straight ahead and Diamond Head just to my left. I had just moved to Hawaii to study at a new college. I was way out of my comfort zone and I was just being. I wasn't trying, I wasn't struggling, I just was. It was subtle yet pivotal. It was a distinct taste of freedom.

Connecting with our soul is a practice of letting in in order to let go. It is engaging in experiences that call on us to cultivate courage in order to build resilience. It is about writing permission slips over and over again until we show up unapologetically. It is about showing up, being seen + loving yourself unconditionally.

Over the weekend I was catching up with Steph Jagger jamming on the #greatbigjourney and she told me something that was one of those hand to cheek, a-ha, hell yes moments (not my first one with this wonder woman) In our conversation I had called myself a recovering perfectionist (aka my Virgo self who used to be confined by the grips of high achieving perfectionism and has since learned to surrender + embrace my humanness) Steph so gently asked me what if I switched up my language. She said when I identify myself like this it casts a shadow of who I was as if it were a problem when really I was just being human. Steph suggested instead to call myself something else, like embracer of messiness to honor myself + being able to move past the perfectionism to a better place.

That was one of those moments where things just clicked and I felt a real shift. I totally believe language creates our reality and it is especially important that we stay aware of the words we use towards ourselves so that they are aligned with who we are now and infused with self love. By calling myself a recovering perfectionist I was in turn not fully embracing my truth + new found ability to own my humanness. I got lost for a moment but was quickly able to find my way back to the path.

The old me would have been embarrassed or defensive but as soon as she said it I was all, "yessss, you're so right!" Because she was and it was just the soul tip I needed to come back to myself + my journey. It's all a practice.

Being ourselves is the greatest gift to the world. But often when doubt or fear creep in it has us apologizing for who you are {your thoughts, your body, your opinion, your laugh, your dance moves-whatever} Saying sorry for who we are keeps us small and dims our light.  

We need people in our lives who can be real with us and help stretch our souls in order to be the best version of ourselves. Hearing her say that to me from a place of honesty + heart is just what I needed. I definitely took the upgrade and I'm now embracing my new status: embracer of the mess.

I am a true believer in the power of coaching and walking my talk-that is why I enlist in working with coaches and mentors who continuously challenge me and inspire me to live my best life.  Living soul connected is unraveling the idea of who you SHOULD be and becoming who you truly are. It is about waking up, showing up and staying connected to that authentic truth within you so that you can live unapologetically yourself.  This isn't something you one day just accomplish. It's all messy because girl, life is messy-no way around that. Fear has gnarly ways of creeping up and triggering us through people, places and experience that bring up old stories.  The practice of soul connection is to become resident in those times and come back to that place within us where we can be in touch with our soul and rise above it.  

Soul connection is a practice, a great big journey and the moment you say {yes} to yourself, you are already on the path.  There are no perfect lines of paved roads on this path. There are only cracks, hills, chipped nail toenail polish and a glorious view with so many perfectly imperfect walking buddies to help you along the way. 

I've had some soul sisters reach out to me about my Great Big Journey experience with Steph Jagger and team. I am always happy to connect and if you are interested in joining the journey, click the link below to learn more! 

Soul Sister Spotlight: Alyssa Rodgers

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Meet Alyssa Rodgers!

Alyssa Rodgers is the founder of The Mexitalian, a blog that celebrates blending cultures through food and travel.  Food and cooking are her greatest passions, and she loves to share original recipes and travel experiences.

Let's connect with Alyssa as she shares how she stays soul connected!

I give myself permission to… take time for me. With a busy lifestyle it’s easy to feel guilty for taking the time that is truly for myself. I make an effort to do things that are just for me and just to feel good, like taking myself out for a healthy lunch, or going for a walk somewhere new. 

How do you tend to your soul? I love to practice yoga, read, travel, but I best tend to myself when I’m cooking. Cooking allows me to be creative, to use a different part of my brain and I do in my every day work, it allows me to be appreciative of where my food comes from, and often of the local farmers I pick up produce from. Cooking also helps to remind me how important good food is to nourish my body and help me to create the life I want that is true to my soul. 

How do you rebel against fear? I tend to just go for it. I’ve always been good at managing performance anxiety and fear, in part because I try to just jump in before I even notice that my heart is beating out of my chest. 

What does CONNECTION mean to you?  To me, connection is a feeling. It means to be pulled to something or someone, while also feeling that pull in return. Connection is one of the most important aspects of life, and something that I continue to seek in my hobbies, relationships, and passions. 

What is your favorite quote right now that’s feeding your soul?   "Eat well, travel often" has been my moto since college. Eating well gives me the energy to do all of the things I want and need to do, and traveling perks me up when I need to recharge. 

Alyssa is a recent Cleveland transplant, currently enjoying eating her way through town with some yoga and cycle classes in between. You can connect with her at, @the_mexitalian on Instagram, or @theMexitalianblog on Facebook.