Hey friend, I am Katie Kurtz- an Internationally Certified Life Coach, Tribe cultivator, collaborator + founder of Soul Connect. I am fiercely passionate about creating brave space for women to give themselves permission to connect with their true, authentic self {their soul}  

Soul Connect builds community through holding space, rocking vulnerability + embracing our humanness. I am all about belly laughs, inviting the messy, and celebrating it ALL. I believe in the power connection has in helping us stretch and grow into who we are meant to be-authentic, powerful, badass babes! When we dedicate time to tend to our souls, we allow ourselves to expand and shift in ways that guide us to being our best selves.

I see you.

I see your light even when you can't. 

You have SO much to offer. 

We need it.

We want it. 

So...what's holding you back from fully shining?

What I know for sure...-6.png
The Rumble-7.png
I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.-14.png